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2016 Grant Award Recipients

Since its inception, the CTC Foundation has been proud to support the initiative, creativity and passion of teachers, and staff of the Celebrate the Children school. Annually, funds permitting, the foundation issues 5-10 grants with a combined total of $5,000-10,000. Over the years these efforts have been supported with a host of grants in excess of $40,000.

The grants have funded a  variety of programs, equipment and special projects coordinated by the school staff including technology for facilitated communication and enhanced learning, iPads, Osmo Genius   kits, Green Vision tool boxes,  sensory equipment, outdoor  play equipment, CPR course for staff, art  storage and equipment, a Maker-space Lab and so many more exciting  initiatives.

In addition to awarding grants each year, the CTC Foundation also assists in underwriting special events and one time purchases of equipment.  For example, in the past, the CTC Foundation has assisted and helped underwrite the following:

  • the purchase of yearbooks for all students;
  • the Spring Concert –an impressive all out, all hands-on-deck production entirely  planned, written and produced by the students;
  • purchased white boards in all classrooms;
  • annual benefit sponsorship and in-kind donations and
  • purchased Chromebooks for  school-wide assessments;  and so much more.

CTC Foundation Grant Application Packet

Due Fall 2017

Awarded Spring 2018